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I love to do art.  

Several  years ago a favorite life teacher of mine suggested that I paint my  dreams. I have vivid dreams with strong images. I hadn’t painted much in  my life so I appreciated this idea, because no one would have any  expectation of how the images should look.  These beginning paintings  opened a window for me into creativity.  I think I have always been  creative in my work and my life, but I had not recognized creativity for  its part in what makes me feel alive, vibrant, and whole.  Creativity  has allowed me to rediscover a wholeness in myself that I had  forgotten.  Art and creativity have become a significant part of my  life, filtering into every aspect.  

Creativity is a  way to explore who I am in the world, to find the courage to express  it, and to live wholeheartedly.  Painting my dreams was a perfect window  to this opportunity. 

“What you can live
will make plans
for the vitality
hidden in your sleep.”
- By David Whyte

 My  art is a work in progress that I hope will develop and flourish as it  nurtures my soul.  Art for me is an exploration in many forms. I think I  am a courageous artist.  I am somewhat fearless in trying new mediums  and forms. 


 Recently I have been exploring how the forces of  nature can become part of "painting" the landscape.  I am currently  working with flowing water and how it can "paint" waterfalls.  In this  work, I often integrate my paintings with rock to bring the elements of  nature more fully into the experience of the painting.  I  draw from  many years of experience using nature as the basis of teaching and  learning, helping people rediscover our intimacy with the wild world and  to our uniquely individual natures.  I believe that by returning to  these relationships we may experience the possibility of a foundational  shift in human culture to a life-sustaining society. 




This installation has slate rock in the background and watercolor on yupo paper in the foreground.

Yupo and Flowing Water


I work in many mediums.  Most recently I have become enamored with  painting on yupo paper, which is a plastic paper that does not absorb  pigment.  Rather, the paint dries on top of the paper.  This allows me  to remove paint.  This waterfall illustrates this  technique.

Oils of aspens


My current love is oils of aspen trees on a large canvas.   I think our connection with the earth is critical at this point in time.

Light and Watercolor


I love playing with the interaction of paint, light, and water with watercolors.

Acrylic Ink


I have become enamored with the bold colors of acrylic ink and how I can  paint with water and then flow color into the painting.



I continue to enjoy acrylic paint and experimenting with how to create textures that mimic nature. 

Natural Orbs


I am currently on a hunt for natural orbs.  I am fascinated with nature making stones and other objects so beautifully round.



Photography is like an old friend to me.  My Dad used to take beautiful  pictures with his old 35 millimeter and he taught me a bit about  photography.  He used to explain what went into a good composition.



Sculpture  sort of jumped out at me recently when I started working with clay.  I  realized that all these shapes and things I enjoy I can actually make.