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In every culture since ancient times, we have honored the earth and  the passages of our lives through ceremonies.  We have been telling our  stories around the fire circle since the beginning of human kind. These  ancient practices help us heal as individuals and in community, as they  bring what we choose to honor into the light.  They support us in  cultivating our connection to our essential nature, each other, all of  nature, and spirit. 

An opportunity awaits you to join a ceremony  or request a custom ceremony (see examples below).  To inquire about  scheduling or participating in a ceremony, please contact Kim at

Honoring the Seasons and rhythms of the year

Honor the seasons and rhythms of nature; bringing  a sense of rhythm, continuity, and meaning to our lives as we connect  to the natural rhythms of nature. Fire Circles provides an opportunity  to share and learn from our stories as we are held in a safe, nurturing  process.  Each Circle focuses on a specific theme to explore different  aspects of our lives.

Mid-Winter Celebration - Tend the Feminine Candle Ceremony

A  celebration of the loosening of winters hold on the land and the first  signs of spring's imminent arrival.  This a time to tend the feminine,  intuitive, creative energy of ourselves and the world. 

Spring Equinox - Honoring the Four Directions - A Centering Meditation and Fire Circle 

Immerse yourself in the qualities of the four directions, allowing them to be your teacher. 

Celebration of Spring -  Opening to Our Creativity Workshop and Fire Circle

For  people who feel they want greater access to their creative nature, this  workshop and fire circle will create a safe and open space for us to  discover and engage our creativity that is always within us.  

Summer Solstice - Resting in Our Connection to the Earth Retreat and Fire Circle

You  are invited to rediscover your connection to the Earth,  taking time to  rest in the grace and peace of the world and returning to your  essential nature.  We will practice deep presence and connection with  the natural world.  

Mid-Summer Celebration - A Celebration of Community

Autumn Equinox - Aging with Courage and Wisdom Fire Circle

Mid-Autumn:  Celebrating Spirit and the Cycle of Life

Honoring life Events

Honoring and celebrating life events such as coming of age, births, marriage, aging and end of life ceremonies.

Honoring Nature

Rediscover  your connection to the Earth,  taking time to rest in the grace and  peace of the world and returning to your essential nature.  We will  practice deep presence and connection with the natural world.