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  • Helps individuals to deepen self-awareness, discern gifts and limitations, and live with integrity, courage and heart.
  • Supports individuals to recognize their own inner teacher, learning to make conscious decisions and take wise, meaningful risks.
  • Supports  individuals and teams as they tackle change and overcome challenges  with improved creativity, inspiration, resiliency, and confidence.
  • Helps individuals set goals, design actions, and identify clear steps.

Kim brings to her work attention to the inner life as the ground for authentic, courageous, and affirmative living; and a focus on building trustworthy relationships as core to creating and sustaining robust cultures.

Kim supports people in rediscovering their true, unique self and then supports them as they align with their purpose and passion and learn to live from a place of wholeness.  People in  transition of all kinds are especially drawn to her coaching work,  including career, college-career, staff, role, job, and life-cycle  transitions. 

Kim has 25 years of experience as a coach and is ACC Certified with the International Coach Federation.   

Her  coaching is informed by certification in conducting EQ in Action Profiles, practicing narrative coaching with Rewinding our Story, preparation and experience in the Circle of Trust  approach developed by Parker Palmer, Non-Violent Communication,  and the work of Brene Brown.   She incorporates creative modalities including awareness of natural systems and their metaphors in life, poetry, movement, music, art and ceremony as tools to clarify and set intentions. 

Kim creates a safe, courageous, reflective space.  

 Some common areas of focus are:

  • Life and work transitions
  • Creating a healthier work-life balance
  • Enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Cultivating trustworthy relationships and stronger networks
  • Pursuing a meaningful new career direction
  • Increasing productivity

Complimentary, no obligation introductory session.

Please call or email Kim with questions or to sign-up for your complimentary session 530-949-5558 or

What Kim’s coaching clients are saying about their experience

“Kim  is a wonderful coach who helped me understand and navigate my way  through a personal and career transition period in my life. She is a  thoughtful listener with a warm and encouraging manner, and she provided  a welcoming and safe space for me to ask questions or express doubts  and fears. She guided me through a series of questions but did not lead  me to the answers; instead she made it clear that it was my privilege  and responsibility to figure out what my answers were and why. As kind  as she is, Kim still held me accountable for doing my homework, pointed  out if I was avoiding things, and made sure that I stayed on track. I  recommend Kim as a life coach or management coach to any person who is  looking to improve or sharpen their focus, or to discover more about  themselves and their intended path.”

Colette Hadley – Courage to Lead Alumni and Executive Director of the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara

"Kim  Stokely's coaching style supports gentle yet focused transformation.  She draws on her extensive leadership development experience and frames  open honest questions to support exploration of client's challenges and  opportunities and get results. Working with Kim naturally increases  awareness and alignment mentally, emotionally, and physically. She's quite a gift!"  

Alex Dorsey – Courage to Lead Alumni and Director of Food Systems for WORKS Los Angeles  

“Our coaching sessions have bolstered me during my time of career transition. Kim is an active listener with a responsive approach to helping me overcome  hurdles.”  

Mary Beth Trautwein – Courage to Lead Alumni and Executive Director of reDiscover Center, Los Angeles.  

Working  with Kim Stokely as my coach over a ten month period helped me to  successfully move through a vocational transition which turned into an  even more profound life transformation than I anticipated.  She helped  me to navigate practical and personal aspects of the transition.   I am  really not sure how long it would have taken me to muddle my way through  this transition without Kim. Her questions always seemed to move me  along just where I needed to go.  For the person who is looking for a  way to "let their life speak", and live a healthy life, I can highly  recommend working with Kim.      

Mattie Gadsby –  Courage to Lead Alumni and  Director of Children’s Services with  Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara CountyDisplay the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.