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Imagine holding Earth in your heart and listening to how to take your next step. Imagine  that we are enough.  That our actions do matter.  Imagine living from a  place of love, deeply aligned with the Earth. Imagine living with a  full awareness of being a member of the community of mutuality that is  the whole Earth.

As we re-awaken our innate and profound connection to Earth and to one another, how do we choose to move forward in the world?   Who do we choose to be?  This will be our focus at a 3-day retreat on  October 4-6, 2019.   Join us as we explore how listening to Earth,  nurturing our Being, and cultivating healthy community may help us  envision our next steps, both individually and collectively. 

Join us for this Circle of Trust® retreat, based on the work of Parker J. Palmer, author and spiritual elder, where we will:

  • Realign our lives with the natural world 
  • Participate in a process for discernment about who we each choose to be
  • Explore the connections between our inner landscape and our actions in the outer world
  • Be within a community of mutual respect and caring that welcomes the soul

WHERE:  Our retreat will be held on Whidbey Island, WA,  a short hour’s drive north of Seattle and a ferry ride over the silver  blue waters of Puget Sound. 

WHEN: Dates will be determined soon for fall of 2020.

Meet Your Facilitators

Karen Harding, MS, recently retired  from a career teaching Chemistry and Environmental Science at Pierce  College in Lakewood, WA. She values the role that reflective practice  plays in teaching and learning as well as in self-development and  self-understanding. As a Courage & Renewal facilitator, Karen  continues to explore how our experiences, our relationships, and our  thoughts play out in our lives. In addition to exploring the connections  between body, mind and spirit, Karen enjoys bicycling, skiing, running,  spending time with friends, gardening, and reading.

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Kim Stokely has spent 20 years as a  nonprofit leader coaching emerging nonprofits and community groups as  they’ve formed, developed, and taken action. In 2008, she co-founded  Courage to Lead for Non-Profit Leaders in Santa Barbara, CA.  She  nurtures other nonprofit leaders in their professional and personal  lives so that they can bring the gifts of leadership to whole-hearted  service for others and the world. Kim’s writing focuses on listening and  learning from place, inviting the listener into their inner-soul  landscape as well as a deep alignment with the natural world. Kim was  prepared as a facilitator by the Center for Courage & Renewal and  holds an ACC Coach Credential through International Coaches Federation.

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